Jude Rose is an artist and music producer based out of LA. His music is a unique brand of R&B layered with a moody atmosphere, pulsating guitar, heartfelt melody, and vulnerable lyric. In that regard, his artistry is comparable to recording artists such as Joji, Daniel Caesar, and blackbear. Rose debuted his project at the start of 2019. RnB Magazine states “I was pleasantly surprised to have been instantly hooked onto Jude Rose’s single ‘Lose’.” We Found New Music called it “an impressive debut from an artist we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for!” GUM concludes, “Rose leaves us with an inviting aroma and a fresh take of what alternative R&B is capable of through its minimalistic magic and is definitely an artist to watch blossom.” The songwriter’s past has provided a vivid backdrop for his sentimental subject matter and his introspective lyrical content. Roses’s hauntingly beautiful flavor is why MusicOTFuture named him “a storyteller through music with an RnB alt sound”. -Miguel Costa (Music Connection, Blossom Agency)


MGMT - simonne.sacco@gmail.com // jeff.l@loomrecords.co